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Type 7


TYPE-7 has been around the South African landscape for around 20 years, gaining traction with recent released via Surgery records and more recently signing to DMT artists Group. The band is currently live streaming on Tuesdays 8pm C.A.T “The Road to Ramsgate", with the show on the 31st of October also being broadcast live. TYPE-7 plays a Hybrid of manicured, melodic modern progressive rock and metal, exploring complex themes, vested in science-fi and futurism. The live show boast exciting visuals and programming.

And we are really excited to bring the production to Europe for the first time in 2021 and beyond, whilst observing international C-19 trends. We hope to see you in the live broadcasts coming up tomorrow and next week, with the show in the 31st. We look forward to sharing more about TYPE-7 with you.

The band comprises of :

Tristen Gwynn - Guitars and Programming, Visuals
Leonard Ross - Drums
Jurgen Human - Bass and Vocals
Darryl Burmeister - Vocals, Guitars, Programming, Visuals

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