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Dennis McCalmont


“What’s it all about?”, asks Mayo based singer-songwriter Dennis McCalmont on 'Gemini', a gem of a track that reveals itself around the halfway mark of his latest album, 'From Now to Then'. It turns out that McCalmont has solved this age-old conundrum – it’s all about Contentment, and 'Never Going Back Again' to those troubled times. This album is a collection of feel-good tunes from a Man who seems content with life – a refreshing change from some of the indie-doom or product-placement obsessed R&B doing the rounds.

McCalmont is a stalwart of the Irish #LiveMusic scene for over 20 years and with this, his 7th album, he reminds us what has sustained him, catchy upbeat songs delivered with positivity. Even on a tune like 'Demons', which reflects on a man’s journey form a dark time, there is the simple uplifting message – “I’ve found peace at last”.

But it’s not only locally in Ireland that his songs are gaining notice, McCalmont Charts regularly on French and Australian Indie Radio.

Some of the songs on 'From Now to Then' have been standing favourites in the Derry ex-pat’s 'Live Set' but now have had some loving treatment in the production booth – 'Carousel' being the standout example. Proving his versatility, added to his sunny outlook, McCalmont plays all of the instruments on the album. Already a noted expert on the 12 String, he has taken the chance here to show off some mean drumming skills along with some solid riffing on the electric guitar.

In Today’s world, we need to remember to slow down and live in the moment every now and then, which is just what McCalmont urges us to do on “Take a Breath”. And if we do we might just hear the birdsong promised in 'One Day in Spring'. Mastered by Ciarán Byrne (U2, Elvis Costello, Metallica) the warm production on the album provides the perfect launch-pad for some straightforward optimism, something that should be welcomed. And although happiness is a serious business, McCalmont reminds us that lyrics can be playful noting on 'Never Go Back Again' that he lost his way, but there was no such thing as Sat-Nav way back in the day!….Music to bring a Smile

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