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Damaged Man


Raffaele Cococcioni aka Damaged Man is an Italian Music Maker,Dj and Sound Engineer.Dj from 1996 and from 2008 his first productions of electronic music. 2000-2005 has organized live gigs with artists of a certain level: Robby Krieger & John Densmore from The Doors, Afrika Bambaataa, Buddy Miles,Inti Illimani and The Wailers,just to name a few. Released on: SpacealOrbeat Records, Mothlab Recordings Jambalay Records,Onnes Project Records, Krunch Audio, Bass Tune Records, and many more. His musical roots come from Rock and New Wave. His tastes are eclectic, ranging far, from House Music to Techno Music. Sound Engineer for Live Gigs and Recording Studios,specialized in Mixing Engineer

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