Indi Artist Bio Card

Dale Adams


Dale Adams is 58 years old, married for 22 years to the same lovely lady, no kids, 1 dog and an unknown number of guitars. He has worked as a building maintenance man on a college campus and in an office building, was an assembly line worker in a computer factory, and a mechanic and parts specialist in an auto dealership. He enjoys reading history and science, as well as poetry and music.

He started writing poetry and songs in 2011. When a poem becomes a song, he records it in his home studio and posts to Soundcloud and Facebook. “I never thought of myself as an artist. One morning, I just started writing down my thoughts, eventually started posting some of the better ones on FB. When someone whose work I greatly admire referred to me as a ‘fellow poet’, it was a bit of a shock.”

Dale lives and works in Bethany, Oklahoma.

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