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Candy Rose


Candy Rose is an independent Singer/Songwriter from London, U.K. She writes/cowrites all her material and has many influences, such as the Late Great Michael Jackson, Madonna, Nirvana, Dolly Parton, Anita Baker, Andrea Bocelli, Sam Cooke, and Fall Out Boy, to name but a few. She has been tipped as one of the U.K Artists to watch and keep listening to, and has continued to build a fanbase despite being independent. She is not restricted in her genre or style of music and her works feature something for all.

When the voice of Candy Rose was heard over the airwaves for the first time following the release of her debut single, So You Know in 2009, little was known about her as no public photos had been taken of her at the time, and all interviews had only taken place over the radio. Despite the mystique surrounding her, her debut album A Rollercoaster Love created a huge buzz resulting in radio exposure worldwide and rave reviews across the globe – which is hardly heard of for unsigned and independent artists.

Candy has since revealed her face to the public, released quite a few Eps, had a string of successful gigs in the UK and Internationally, won various national and international awards, had her songs played in major retail branches and clubs, performed at the Miami Music Festival, was a proud 2012 Olympics Ambassador for her home city London, and continues to enjoy having her music used in various movies – most notably Magic Mike XXL; TV shows – MTV and BBC Click and ad projects; and is a judge of PRIDE’s got talent.

Her works have been featured in numerous compilations, most have been in the top 10 around the world, and she has collaborated with some international artists like Biggy Blex, Zaimal and the amazing tenor, Ian Massa-Harris.

Candy is also currently working on something new - which many hope will be the long-awaited second album, from the lady fondly dubbed "The Queen of Hooks", but in the mean-time, Candy has released NBow I’m Gone as a single at the request of her fans.

All music by Candy Rose is available from i-Tunes, Amazon, CD baby, all digital platforms. CDs are rarely printed and have become collector’s items and can only be found on very limited sites such as Amazon, CD baby and select few handpicked retailers.

And for the social like facebook, twitter, instagram etc, just add /icandyrose or @icandyrose and follow/like/share. Candy is unashamedly old-skool and prefers Facebook Instagram and Twitter (even emails) – as she finds the introduction of new apps every season inconsistent with the connection and consistency she has with her fans.

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