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Bill Bero


I'm Bill Bero of Crown Point, Ind., a Chicago native. I always have loved music, but didn't get into writing songs and playing guitar until my parents got me a Sears Silvertone, which I still have and is in excellent shape, for my 16th birthday.

I bought chord books and taught myself. No lessons. Glen Campbell was my chief inspiration at the time and I started by learning his stuff and other simple stuff like Tom Dooley. I've since covered his songs as those of many others. But writing originals is my first choice.

I've always liked to write, in fact, I made a career out of it as a journalist and media relations person for 44 years, before retiring.

Songs come from everywhere...from observances, experiences, in my sleep, even from just hearing a word or phrase that clicks. They also come from feelings and melodies that show up when I'm just fooling around with the guitar. I never know when or from where they'll come next. They just do.

I've been doing my own songs since I was about 16 or 17 and probably have more than 300.

I'll keep doing it until my lights go out!
Thanks for letting me get to know you a little better!

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