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Ant The Kitchen


Ant The Kitchen started as a solo project in 2010 in Milan (Italy). I put out my first demos in the same year. One of these songs (funny game) was also included in a national compilation of emerging artist in 2011.
In 2012, I joined other local musician, so we played our first gigs in the city as a band. In the summer of 2013, I moved to Mallorca where I started composing my first EP (Put on a light on my way – nerocromo récords 2015).
It’s where I met my actually bandmates. We released back in 2017 our first LP titled ‘Our Way" and played some gig troughout Mallorca island.
In May 2020 we released a new single called " Option".
We are actually working on a new album release, maybe out on 2021.
ATK is actually formed by:
Ant Kocina : voice,guitars,keyboards
Carmelo: bass
Tolo: drums
Xisco: electric guitars

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