Indie Artist Bio Card

Artur Arapov


Artur Arapov is a poet, writer, musician and a very creative person. Born and raised in the Soviet Union. He went into art at an early age, and has not returned yet. Repeatedly performed from the stage, in different groups and individually. He sang in a choir and played in a rock band. Now on their own. He is equally happy to give his soul to rock and roll, folk song, prose, poetry, humor, and philosophy. Versatile creative activity is constantly tearing Arthur apart. With one foot he leans on eternal truths, with the other he boldly steps into the phantasmagoria of the future, with the third he rushes into space. At the same time, his left hand mercilessly pulls the strings of the guitar, the right drumming on the keys, the second left playing the accordion, the second right - on the pipe, and all the others together write books.

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